About Us


Motion Graphics is our wild layer. Here the creativity can be seen in a variety of perspectives.


Combined layers of image, motion, rhythm and composition create an outstanding outcome.


A layer of a slice,turns into a layer of depth.


The mixing it up layer, were we are always seeking new challenges.

Corporate videos

This is our “cover the client’s needs” layer, which we take very seriously.

  1. Everything started working from home.

  2. The Little Onion Design team, is moving to a rented office space.

  3. The official Little Onion Design office was now open!

About Us

Want content that’s smart, brave, ground breaking and get’s people talking? That’s what we do.

We listen to your needs, work together to keep you happy and produce, direct & design innovative new content for your brand.

We provide motion graphics design, editing, 3D computer animation, virtual sets and tons of creative energy and sharp, contemporary perspective to deliver only the best for your project.

Like what you see? Get in touch. We look forward to getting creative together!

The Little Onion Design team

Our Values

There have been many challenges along the way but fuelled by passion and steered by our integrity.

We embrace the exciting possibilities that the future holds and our determination to support our client’s needs drives our passion for excellence.

At Little Onion Design HQ we believe in bringing these principles in to the workplace.

Our motto is Life Is Layers. Let’s discover those layers.
Bet you didn’t know (about little onion love)!

Eating raw onion encourages the production of good cholesterol – which keeps your heart shiny & healthy.


"I wasn't ready for the extent of their capabilities"

The first time I worked with this team I wasn't ready for the extent of their capabilities. From our very first project, it was clear that their creativity and flexibility sets them apart. Even with tough criteria and tight deadlines, they have rapid turnaround times and always deliver on schedule. I highly recommend them!

Yiannis Kostavaras
Film director

"Customized creativity, deadline oriented!"

"You can easily describe them as creative but it is much more than that. They know exactly each customer’s needs and how creativity applies to each and every case, that is the main difference you get exactly what you were expecting. Customized creativity, deadline oriented! So a big thumbs up to the little onion team!!!"

Dimitris Megas
Co founder 360 events

"Talented Group of People"

Little Onion Design is a talented group of people. Their job deliveries are always punctual and that, combined with their honest pricing, makes them the ideal partners.

Nikos Karapanagiotis
Director – Producer


We have been working with little onion design for 7 years, and we have been extremely satisfied with the quality of work, and professionalism

Harris Daskalakis
CEO BCA College

"Small Team. Big Results!"

"Small Team. Big Results! Flexible, efficient and creative are just three of the many reasons why Little Onion Design is the trustworthy team that feels so great to work with!"

Daphne Zannia
Co founder No Poetry

Our Philosophy

Life is passionate, diverse, authentic, sometimes unexpected and unapologetic. Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned but we know that with a bit of original thinking and positivity, we can achieve the impossible. That’s why we understand you may need a break from work, either if you’re a client and you want to find a quiet space to clear your mind, either if you work on our studio and you want to relax by playing videogames or maybe read a book, we’ve got it covered. We are equipped with a small but cozy lounge area with lots of books, a 55inch UHD TV, videogames, and some board games, but also we have a coffee bar and a private and quite little yard to…hear your thoughts.


Nikos Matsoukas


Creating things is what he does best. VFX and post production are his love. Started as a 3D artist, but Post Production stole his heart.

Georgina Razack


A media creative with expertise in content creation for TV and mixed media! Companies she has worked for include the BBC, MTV UK and in 2008 launched MTV Greece and Nickelodeon Greece.

Elias Gkatzos


Not just a creative motion graphics designer but a creative wiz on the skateboard too!

Paris Grigorakis


Creativity meets one of her finest students. From directing a short film and various tv shows, to helping media and production companies in all creative stages.

Iris Karapanagioti


From a little baby Iris was trying to feel the 3D world. Now she can create it!


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